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Community Round-up #6

August 05, 2013 by Vjeux

This blog site has been archived. Go to react.dev/blog to see the recent posts.

This is the first Community Round-up where none of the items are from Facebook/Instagram employees. It’s great to see the adoption of React growing.

React Game Tutorial

Caleb Cassel wrote a step-by-step tutorial about making a small game. It covers JSX, State and Events, Embedded Components and Integration with Backbone.

dog tutorial


Andrey Popp created a Browserify helper to compile JSX files.

Browserify v2 transform for text/jsx. Basic usage is:

% browserify -t reactify main.jsx

reactify transform activates for files with either .jsx extension or /** @jsx React.DOM */ pragma as a first line for any .js file.

Check it out on GitHub…

React Integration with Este

Daniel Steigerwald is now using React within Este, which is a development stack for web apps in CoffeeScript that are statically typed using the Closure Library.

este.demos.react.todoApp = este.react.create (`/** @lends {React.ReactComponent.prototype} */`)
  render: ->
    @div [
      este.demos.react.todoList 'items': @state['items']
      if @state['items'].length
        @p "#{@state['items'].length} items."
      @form 'onSubmit': @onFormSubmit, [
          'onChange': @onChange
          'value': @state['text']
          'autoFocus': true
          'ref': 'textInput'
        @button "Add ##{@state['items'].length + 1}"

Check it out on GitHub…

React Stylus Boilerplate

Zaim Bakar shared his boilerplate to get started with Stylus CSS processor.

This is my boilerplate React project using Grunt as the build tool, and Stylus as my CSS preprocessor.

  • Very minimal HTML boilerplate
  • Uses Stylus, with nib included
  • Uses two build targets:

    • grunt build to compile JSX and Stylus into a development build
    • grunt dist to minify and optimize the development build for production

Check it out on GitHub…


Conrad Barski, author of the popular book Land of Lisp, wants to use React for his ClojureScript library called WebFUI.

I’m the author of ”Land of Lisp” and I love your framework. I built a somewhat similar framework a year ago WebFUI aimed at ClojureScript. My framework also uses global event delegates, a global “render” function, DOM reconciliation, etc just like react.js. (Of course these ideas all have been floating around the ether for ages, always great to see more people building on them.)

Your implementation is more robust, and so I think the next point release of webfui will simply delegate all the “hard work” to react.js and will only focus on the areas where it adds value (enabling purely functional UI programming in clojurescript, and some other stuff related to streamlining event handling)


Read the full post…

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